Friday, August 13, 2010

SeaDoo 4 Tec Performance Watercraft Parts

Well it's been some time since the Performance Alley has paid any attention to the owners of SeaDoo 4 Tec Watercraft. SeaDoo Owners will not feel left out this round with the Release of the new Riva Racing Line of Performance Superchargers for the SeaDoo 4Tec Motors...

The new Riva XXX-Charger is the Ultimate Performance Supercharger for Sea Doo 215/255/260 4Tec Performance Engines. This is a complete supercharger assembly featuring a sophisticated, lightweight 140mm Vortech impeller that is precision balanced to deliver smooth operation, a billet spacer, machined front & rear housings and Riva Heavy Duty Clutch Washers Installed. Increased interior volume produces huge performance gains delivering 15.5psi @ 8,500 rpm and 14psi @ 8,100 rpm. This Supercharger Kit will require the use of an Aftermarket Performance ECU like the Riva ECU or Motec ECU, recommended 50lb Fuel Injectors, and a Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit. Retail on this XXX-Supercharger Kit is $1,699.95

The Riva XX-Charger for the SeaDoo 255/260 4Tec Motors is said to deliver 14.5 psi of boost pressure at 8,500rpm producing arm wrenching acceleration and increased top speed. High performance impeller, spacer & front housing combo increase horsepower through superior Vortech impeller blade design and larger interior housing volume. The Supercharger Impeller features a sophisticated blade design that is precision balanced to deliver smooth operation. The complete Supercharger Kits Housing, spacer & impeller install quickly and easily onto stock supercharger base plate. This kit will also require the use of the Riva Pro Series ECU, Riva 50lb Pro-Series Fuel Injectors, Riva Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit for correct calibration. Retail on this XX-Supercharger Kit is $699.95

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