Friday, July 30, 2010

New Performance Watercraft Parts Release for Yamaha SHO FZ Watercraft!

New Yamaha Watercraft Product Updates for August: For the owners of the Yamaha FZR & SHO Motor looking past a Stage 1 Kit. Riva Racing and R&D Performance have recently launched a new set of Performance Products to get your Props Spinning... Even Faster!

To start our Line Up - The New Riva SHO & FZ Stage 2 Engine Kit is said to produce 260 HP @ 7600 rpm, utilizing the stock ECU and Fuel Injectors. New Parts included in this Kit are the Riva Racing Boost Clamp (which will allow you to run without a Fuel Management System) and Riva Engine Cooling Upgrade Kit. Keep in mind, this is a "Engine Kit" and not an actual "Stage 2 Kit" which should be released soon with a proper Impeller Pitch recommendation.

Also available through Riva Motorsports are the new SHO FZR Race Cams which add 15 peak Horsepower and Increased Torque throughout the Powerband. These Cams will require Stage 3 modifications and proper ECU Calibration but do utilize the OEM Camshaft Sprocket and Mounting Hardware.

And for those that want a little more added Boost, Check Out the New Riva H1 Race Charger Housing and Impeller for the SHO and FZ Motors. This Housing and Impeller Combo packs a mean punch with its 20psi Boost Pressure at 8,500rpm and producing up to 400 Horsepower on Modified Engines! The H1 Race Supercharger Kit will require the use of an Aftermarket ECU and Upgraded Engine Internals for proper Durability and Reliability.

Speaking of Cams... Now Available are the New R&D Racing Cam Kits! R&D Performance released two sets of Cams for the Yamaha SHO FZ Watercraft this past month.

The R&D RC1 Racing Cam Kit is great for Recreation and Offshore riding and will work well with the OEM Valve Spring and Retainers...

Where the R&D RC2 Racing Cam Kit is set up for the more Hard Core Racer in mind with a bolt on 25+ HP Gain with Aftermarket Ignition and R&D Valve Spring Upgrade Kit needed.

Also available is the R&D Pro Tune Adjustable Cam Gear Kit with a 10-15 HP Increase, Aggressive Throttle Response, Added RPM, and easy Install. This Kit allows for a Huge boost in overall Horsepower by Custom Tuning the OEM Camshafts LSA (lobe separation angle) set up. Tuning the OEM Cam’s LSA with R&D Pro Tune Cam Gears can add 200-300 RPM’s, increased boost pressure, and 2-3 MPH to your existing engine package.

For further product information, please check out the individual product pages at the Performance Catalog Watercraft Site. If you have any further questions regarding these products or any other Watercraft Parts found (or not found) on the site, Please Contact Our Sales Staff at 877-854-8807.
Ride Safe - Ride Hard!