Wednesday, April 21, 2010

FZS / FZR Stage 3 Kit from Riva Racing

With their launch of the Riva 160 mm Pump Kit, Riva Intake Grate, and Riva Ride Plate for the race bred FZR, it was just what Riva needed to put the finishing touches on the 80+ mph Monster. The 160mm Wear Ring and Skat-Trak Impeller Combo is said to significantly reduce cavitation and improve acceleration on the Yamaha FZR... Finally getting that Power to the Water when you need it. The fully programmable Riva ViPec ECU is a must have when installing the Riva Stage 3 Kit with Base Maps calibrated to provide the optimum fuel delivery, timing and rev limit to compliment Stage 3 modifications. The kit delivers a Huge Level of Performance (13~15 mph) through easy to install, bolt-on engine, exhaust, and pump enhancements.

Although a Internal Engine Upgrade Kit is available, no internal engine modifications are required on the Stage 3. If you think your ski may be pushing the limits and ready for the next level, check out the Riva Engine Internals Upgrade Kit. The Riva Engine Upgrade Kit delivers bulletproof reliability to the 1.8L SHO Engine in Racing and High Boost Applications. The kit features performance parts like Carrillo Rods with Riva Pistons, High Performance Head Gaskets, Head Stud Kits, and a Valve Train Upgrade Kit. Also available is the Riva 3 Bar MAP Sensor and 1000cc Injectors to compliment either the ViPec or Motec ECU.

If you have any questions regarding the Kits Performance or Availability, please feel free to call Performance Catalog at 877 854 8807 or International at 954 989 2020

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